Forget Not All His Benefits

December 23, 2018

Passage: Psalm 103 Speaker: Pastor Jonathan Albright Series: Advent

Length: 30 mins 51 secs Plays: 661

Speaker: Jonathan Albright - Have you wondered with all the Christian, Christmas traditions we participate in each year, why it feels like we are just going through the motions? How many of us can quote large portions, if not the entirety of Luke 2. We can join others in singing rich Christmas songs about Jesus’ birth, but yet our hearts can remain unmoved, our affections for God remain unstirred. Artificial happiness replaces the deep joy that should rise from the depths of our souls when we consider the glory and wonder of the incarnation. Has that troubled you? Does the flatline during festivities bother you? Why is this? As we open up Psalm 103 we are going to find a simple but profound answer to this question.

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