The Church

Theology plays out in our everyday lives, sometimes leaving us to grapple with practical questions. That’s why, even though we’ve had one class on the theology of the church, Christians need to further consider God’s intentions for his church. Here’s what we’ll seek to answer from God’s Word in this class: What makes a church a church? Does the Bible talk about membership? Pastor Will will take a session to discuss a pertinent cultural question: what’s the role of women in the church? But we’ll go even further and look specifically at Christian gatherings. For instance, are worship service elements thrown in at random, or does the Bible tell us what gatherings should look like? What’s so important about coming to church? Can’t we get our “church quota” through Facebook Live? And finally, is church discipline an essential means of God’s love? More than head knowledge though, the goal of this class is to resolve questions so we can better serve one another in love.

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