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    October 15, 2017
    John - That You May Believe Scripture:
    John 6:33-59
    John 6 beautifully illustrates a very typical pattern in the Fourth Gospel. After a significant event is narrated, discussion with either the Jews or the would-be disciples follows. Their misunderstanding opens the way f...

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John - That You May Believe
Sun, Oct 15, 2017
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John 6 beautifully illustrates a very typical pattern in the Fourth Gospel. After a significant event is narrated, discussion with either the Jews or the would-be disciples follows. Their misunderstanding opens the way for Jesus to enter a major discourse that reveals more of his true nature. The events of feeding of the five thousand and walking on the water are followed by a discussion with the "crowd." Their failure to understand Jesus offers him the opportunity (and necessity) of expounding further about his identity as the Bread of Life. This is a further development of Jesus the giver of Life that had been the theme in John 4:43-5:47. - Roger Hahn
John - That You May Believe
Sun, Oct 08, 2017
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In this section of John, we begin to see people embrace Jesus for his miracles. Who is able to walk on water but someone from God? Who is able to feed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish but a Messiah? Will the onlookers understand the eternal implication of these miracles or will they seek to use Jesus to practically fulfill their earthly longings and causes? How about you—do you recognize Jesus for who He is and embrace His will and eternal plan, or do you recognize Jesus for who you want to be and what you want to accomplish? Is your life awesome because you are submitted and committed to God’s will or do you think about how awesome life would be if God would “show up” to do your will?
John - That You May Believe
Sun, Oct 01, 2017
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Speaker: Jon Kopp - Jesus has just performed an incredible miracle of mercy by healing an undeserving lame man, but, in response to that act, John 5:18 says “the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him, because not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God his own Father, making himself equal with God.” God was showing Himself to His people, and His people didn’t like what they saw. In fact, they hated what they saw. So, how does Jesus respond to that one-sided love? What does He do for those who reject Him? He loves them. In patient mercy, He offers them witnesses and indictments to show them Who He really is, who they really are, and what they desperately need to receive what only He can offer them in Himself.
John - That You May Believe
Sun, Sep 24, 2017
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One author stated, "Death is the country where every Christless soul lives. The man who knows not God lives a dying life, or a living death; but he who believes in the Son of God passes over from the empire of death, to the empire of life.” Have you passed over from death to life? Jesus is telling you the truth in today’s passage—and it is better to know the truth, however hard it may be to receive. There is eternal death as surely as there is eternal life. There is judgment as surely as there is love. Yet, you can honor the Father through the Son today. There is no fear in love, for perfect love casts out all fear! Don’t let the confusion of cultural pluralism rob you of the clarity of Jesus’s words: “Truly, Truly, I say to you, an hour is coming, and is now here, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live.” Hear the voice of the Son: choose life today.
John - That You May Believe
Sun, Sep 17, 2017
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* Due to technical difficulties a 20 minute segment of this sermon was not recorded (beginning at 4:54). In John 5:1-18, the evangelist records the third sign of Jesus, the healing of an invalid at the Pool of Bethesda. The physical restoration of this hopeless crippled man provides spiritual lessons for us concerning the powerful work of God’s grace. The Lord looks on the pitiful state of broken sinners, and provides the means of rescue for people like you and me. Jesus has divine power and authority to loose those who are bound, forgive those who are burdened, and heal those who are broken. May the Lord richly minister that grace to us as we receive his word today.
The Christian Conscience
Sun, Sep 17, 2017
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Speaker: Danny Brooks -
Standalone Messages
Sun, Sep 10, 2017
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The Scriptures teach us to honor what is honorable and praise what is praiseworthy, and so as we celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Gospel Grace Church, we will take time to do what Hebrews 13:7 says, “Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.” Authentic Christian leaders reflect a genuine love for and commitment to the people they have been called to lead. They serve with authentic motives and sacrifice deeply. That sort of service to the Lord and ministry to the body of Christ is worth imitating. May the Lord teach us walk in a manner worthy of the gospel mimicking those who God has placed as examples to the flock.
John - That You May Believe
Sun, Sep 03, 2017
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Speaker: Danny Brooks - John is showing a variety of responses to Jesus. Some are skeptical to believe like the Jews in 2:18–20. Others are unsure about what to believe, like Nicodemus in 3:2. Some are eager to believe like the Samaritans in 4:42. They say, this is indeed the Savior of the world. But here is a fourth kind of response: the Galileans welcomed him, having seen all that he had done in Jerusalem at the feast. For they too had gone to the feast (v. 45). This is a kind of welcome, but not a welcome of faith like the Samaritans who believe and worship Him as the Savior of the world. It is the kind of welcome spectators give a magician. They want to see another miracle show, but this is not the welcome of faith or the worship of true disciples. Jesus is not a Las Vegas-style magician who performs signs and wonders for the "ooh's and aah's" of an audience. He is the sovereign, authoritative God in flesh whose word is powerful and whose person is exclusively worthy of our service and worship. Like the court official who took Jesus at His word, we too can live in confidence that all that He speaks, He will accomplish. The child was healed the very hour Jesus spoke. There was no delay. And the official believed. May we be like this desperate father, seeking the healing of the King, believing His word as He speaks to us and over us, and may we grow in faith as we watch His power work in our lives.