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Identity in Christ
Sun, Mar 03, 2019
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Speaker: Josh MacAvoy - Ephesians 1 is a densely packed chapter, full of deep theology (or "what we know about God"). In just 12 verse, Paul covers matters of the trinity, spiritual adoption, redemption through Christ Jesus, the inheritance of the saints, and the Holy Spirit given to guarantee God's promise. There is so much to sentence in the Bible. And right after all that teaching, Paul explains how he has been praying. He asks for the Holy Spirit to help Christians apply all of that knowledge to their everyday living. Paul knew that accurate knowledge was essential, but it never should stay as information alone. It needs to be acted on. He prays that the Ephesian believers experience increased spiritual discernment through the Holy Spirit and be more skillful at applying God's Word to their everyday situation.
Standalone Messages
Sun, Dec 30, 2018
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This time of year, with its holidays and fast approaching new year, lends itself to a natural season of reflection. And with that reflection, we once again feel the highs and lows of the past year and face a range of emotions regarding the new. Oftentimes, life feels like a roller coaster. And right about now, you may be wishing for a solid and foundational place to rest. 1 John is written so believers might know they have eternal life and also live like they have eternal life. In the very middle of the book, John gives three foundational truths that are critical for all Christians to grasp – the assurance of their adoption into God’s family, their future freedom & hope, and their present moral struggle. In preparation for this coming Sunday, we encourage you to read 1 John 3:1-3.
Standalone Messages
Sun, Sep 30, 2018
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Speaker: Josh MacAvoy - We have all heard it said, "familiarity breeds contempt." Our days are filled with tasks and habits so familiar, that we can almost perform them mindlessly. Of all the routines ion each week, our worship and response to God should never be take for granted or treated with contempt. This Sunday, we will look at Psalm 95, where God's people are exhorted to respond to God in anything but a routine fashion. Psalm 95 guides us along through exuberant praise, reverent contemplation, and a very timely warning regarding our response to God's word. In preparation, you can prayerfully consider Psalm 95 and Hebrews 3:7-4:13.
John - That You May Believe
Sun, Apr 22, 2018
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Speaker: Josh MacAvoy - In John 14:15-31, we step right back into the farewell discourse of Jesus Christ. The Passover meal is finished, but instead of quiet conversation and close fellowship, the scene is marked by turmoil, troubled hearts, and a fearful future. Betrayal and denial is close at hand. The master is leaving, to go somewhere, but the disciples cannot follow. Everything familiar and stable is falling apart. It is in this context of troubled hearts and fearful futures that Jesus gives the gift of grace, the gift of the Helper, and the gift of love
Living Sacrifice
Sun, Mar 25, 2018
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Speaker: Josh MacAvoy
Living Sacrifice
Sun, Mar 18, 2018
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Speaker: Josh MacAvoy
Living Sacrifice
Sun, Mar 04, 2018
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Speaker: Josh MacAvoy