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Standalone Messages
Sun, Jan 20, 2019
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45 mins 59 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - In our passage this week Paul raises a rhetorical objection to the Gospel of Grace. If salvation is by grace along apart from any works of man, does that mean that a Christian can live a life that pursues sin? Paul does not address any opponents specifically, nonetheless, the question arises because Christians (or perhaps Jews) had often raised this objection to Paul’s gospel in the course of his ministry. Is license the logical outflow of the grace that Paul proclaims? The passage presents Paul’s response to this question. Paul remarkably uses the imagery of baptism to drive home the reality of salvation and the Christian life. Paul does not give way to license of legalism, but points to the greater truth of Christ redemptive work.
Standalone Messages
Sun, Oct 28, 2018
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36 mins 46 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - Toady we take a break from our regular series in the book of Habakkuk and study of passage from 1 Corinthians. We are introduced to a gospel-centric account of Paul's missionary journey to Corinth. Paul characterizes his time in Corinth as a time of weakness and fear, and yet we see the miraculous work of God in building up his church. We see evidence of the spirits working in bringing those who are blinded and lost to the light of the glory of the Gospel. Join us today as we study the life of Paul, his message, am a conversion of the believers at Corinth.
Faith Lives
Sun, Aug 19, 2018
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49 mins 59 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - Today we look at the example of faith from the life of Moses. Moses' story of faith begins with his parent's choice to disobey pharaoh and save their baby boy. Their choice sets in motion and extraordinary sequence of events that lead to Moses redeeming the people of Israel. Today's we will spend time studying the choices that these men and women of faith made. We will learn from their example of obedience despite the great cost involved. We also look at the endurance of faith and the saving grace of faith. It is amazing how events that played out over 4000 years ago convict our culture and age today.
John - That You May Believe
Sun, Apr 29, 2018
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54 mins 4 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - Today we continue reading the farewell disclosure of Jesus, to his disciples. We hit a very familiar passage to many Christian, John 15. We find the last of Christ’s “I AM” statements in this passage. “I AM THE TRUE VINE”. The passage is steeped in the metaphor of the vine and its branches. Join us as we take a look, and what it means for Christ to be the Vine, and for us to be its branches. As we do that we will explore what it means to abide in Christ. The term abide is occurs eleven times in this passage. We will see what it look at the truly spectacular privilege of what it means to be a fruit bearing member of God’s vine.
The Festivals
Sun, Feb 25, 2018
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13 mins 44 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - Feasts and festival often reveals what a culture celebrates and values. Most of the Jewish festivals were instituted by God, and had very clear purposes. Through this class we will study each of the nine Jewish feasts that existed during the earthly ministry of Christ, beginning today with Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. We will study the origins of the feasts, the rituals and practices that surrounded them, and ultimately how each of the festival pointed towards redemption through and fulfillment in Jesus the Christ.
John - That You May Believe
Sun, Oct 29, 2017
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50 mins 14 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - We continue our study through the book of John. The account of the life of Jesus begins to change its tone. The temple authorities in Jerusalem desired the assassination of Jesus. Jesus was unlike any other rabbi or political leader anyone had ever seen, because he continuously exposes their vain pride. His actions and words revealed the sinful heart of those around him and the world hated him for it. The passage is riddled with contrasts, none more so than the contrast that Jesus presents between his time, and the time of this brothers. What does the Jesus mean when he says “their time is always here”? What about the unbelief of the brothers and the Jews? And are these two aspects tied? Join us as we see the remarkable teaching of the Gospel of John that point to how we often deceive ourselves and lose sight of eternity.
Ready Defense
Sun, Aug 20, 2017
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40 mins 27 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - It is often said, the best defense is a good offense. Over the last few weeks we has spent time looking at various objections and questions that are raised of Christians. While we can wait for someone to engage in a dialogue with us, often times Christians can take the initiative too; but where do we begin in a world where everyone seems to have their own version of spirituality. Today we are going to look at some fundamental questions that we can ask of people as we begin these conversations. These questions can allow us to understand what people believe and why they believe it. Furthermore, it can give us an opportunity to present the Christian view. The questions seek to uncover their “worldview”.
Ready Defense
Sun, Aug 13, 2017
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38 mins 34 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - One professor said “In teaching apologetics and philosophy of religion for many years, we have found that students worry more and are embarrassed by Christianity’s “un-American” exclusivist claims than about any other aspect of their religion. In an age of toleration and pluralism, the most popular argument against the Christian religion seems to be simply that it is only one of many religions. The world is a big place, ‘differing strokes for different folks,’ ‘live and let live,’ ‘don’t impose your values on others.’” Is Christianity just one among many other religions? Do all religions lead to God?
Faith that Works
Sun, Apr 30, 2017
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48 mins 39 secs
Speaker: Jotham Manoranjan - Thank you for joining us today at Gospel Grace Church. Today we return to the book of James and begin to look at the concluding section of the letter. The word prayer is used six times, and is the theme of this section. An encouragement to prayer is usually the norm to the conclusion of the letters in the New Testament. James, calls the believer to pray in through the times of suffering and praise through the times of good cheer. However, this section goes beyond just a general call to prayer. Those stricken with sickness are asked to call on the pastors of the church to pray over them. The prayer of faith, it is said, will heal the one who is sick. We will spend time understanding this “prayer of faith” that seems to guarantee healing. The passage goes on further asking believers to confess their sins to one another and pray for one another. We will spend time dwelling on the various situations that the believers are called to pray for themselves and for one another. We will also talk about the example of Elijah, and the power of prayer. This passage more than anything else, urges us to pray. If you are here at Gospel Grace today, would you find time to pray with someone before you leave?