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Pastor Will Galkin

Pastor Will Galkin

Role: Evangelism and Discipleship

Will coordinates the evangelistic and discipleship efforts at Gospel Grace, including our community group ministry. Having traveled across the United States for 19 years as an evangelist, Will brings unique gifts, abilities, and opportunities to mobilize co-laborers from across the country for the purpose of strategic church planting ministry. Will engages in several months of itinerant ministry throughout the year with his family and ministry team by equipping and serving local churches. While spending much of the year in Salt Lake City, Will serves as pastor for evangelism, discipleship, and leads our ministry equipping seminars and summer ministry partnership ministries we host for local churches across the country.

Sun, May 28, 2017
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Speaker: Will Galkin - Do you know and believe that God loves each of us so much that He brings circumstances into our lives to show us our idols? He actually allows difficulties in our lives that reveal our wrong thinking about Him and ourselves. He uses situations to showcase our insecurities and our need for Him. But let’s be honest we don’t always like it! We get frustrated and so we run. We are irritated so we attempt to hide. We withdraw and sulk in our self-pity. We are filled with self-righteousness and sit in judgment of God. But God finds us and specifically reveals our shortcomings and meets us with His grace. His mercy is there for any that make a movement toward Him. God is showcasing His desire to save the lives of all of the main players in the book of Jonah. He wants to save the sailors, the Ninevites, and the prophet. So don’t you think that God wants to save you?
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Sun, Jan 01, 2017
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Speaker: Will Galkin - Happy New Year! What was last year like? Was it a year filled with joy or sorrow? Did you obtain all of your goals? Do you have any regret from choices made? It could be that last year is one that you would rather forget. It could be that you are looking forward to 2017 as a fresh start. Perhaps, you should begin this year with a humble heart asking God to revive you. Revival is one of the themes of Psalm 119. When one cries out to God for revival it is a realization that he or she has a need that only God can meet. In addition, this need is so great that he or she desires for God to work right now. So if your spiritual compass is spinning and you are struggling to find your way come to God and ask him to revive your heart.
Sun, Dec 04, 2016
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Speaker: Will Galkin - Messengers from heaven brought news that caused humble people to quake in awe and fear, but ultimately these messengers brought good news of God’s love. What is this good news? It is that the Love of God was born in the flesh. Jesus would live a perfect life and die as the perfect sacrifice. So this Christmas, rather than just celebrating a cultural holiday we need to 1) Understand the love of God that is being revealed and 2) Receive the love of God that is being offered.
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Sun, Aug 21, 2016
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Speaker: Will Galkin - Paul’s expresses his love for the church of Philippi throughout the epistle that he sent them. His time with this church must have been sweet. Yet, since his last visit, strife had broken out among the believers. This is why Paul in Philippians 1 reminds the members of this church of his own hardships for the gospel. He shared that some who claimed the name of Christ were actually preaching Christ out of rivalry. But this did not slow down Paul from living worthy of the gospel. Throughout the book Paul offers himself as a joyful example of Christian maturity. The idea is that the Philippian believers should live just as Paul lived. Philippians 1:27 exhorts the believers to live worthy of the Gospel. Later, in Philippians 2:1-11 Paul encourages the believers to live worthy of the gospel by allowing the humility of Christ to guide all of their interactions with others. In Philippians 2:12-18, Paul reminds them of their dependent responsibility to work out their own salvation so that the lost would see Christ in them.
Sun, Aug 07, 2016
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Speaker: Will Galkin - Proverbs is an immensely practical collection of Scripture. The book of Proverbs brings up all sorts of “everyday stuff” and calls us to live in a manner that is wise. Wisdom is the ability to make the right choice, right now. Yet, sometimes we can find ourselves discouraged by our lack of growth in wisdom. Thankfully, God loves us and exhorts us to be wise through His gentle yet firm discipline. The author of Hebrews 12:5-11 quotes Proverbs 3:11-12 and reminds his readers that God has a plan for His discipline in our lives. May we response correctly to the discipline of our Father so that, “When you walk, your step will not be hampered, and if you run, you will not stumble.”
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Sun, May 22, 2016
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Speaker: Will Galkin - How many times does a Christian have to be rejected until they stop sharing their faith? Have you noticed that It does not take much opposition to cause believers to question if the Message of Christ is Sufficient for our Pluralistic Society? Being a real Christian in western culture is not becoming easier. To be an outspoken Christian is frowned upon. Preaching the exclusivity of Christ is the quickest way to be labeled intolerant and a bigot. Many Christians are tempted to question if a life of intentional ministry is worth all of the trials and hardships that come with it. Is the Message of Christ sufficient for today? How are we to live a life of ministry in a culture that redefines truth, undermines Scriptural authority and challenges everything? How do we communicate the sufficiency of Christ to our culture? Thankfully, God gave us the Apostle Paul for an example. Paul faced many afflictions for the Gospel. In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul recounts his imprisonments, beatings, shipwrecks, hunger, sleepless nights, and the constant pressure regarding the health of the churches. On top of all this, false teachers were incessantly opposing him. Some had apparently come into the church of Corinth and attacked Paul by saying he was weak, dishonest, and a corrupter of God’s Word. If anyone had an earthly reason to give up and lose heart, it was Paul. His response was not to commend himself but rather remind the Corinthian believers of what God had done in their lives. He then let their testimony stand as a letter of recommendation commending the authenticity of His ministry. With this backdrop, Paul in 2 Cor. 4 declares what true ministry should look like in the midst of a hostile environment. He reminds us that the message of Christ is sufficient.
Open House
Sun, Sep 13, 2015
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Speaker: Will Galkin - The apostle Paul wrote a letter to Titus exhorting him to make sure that everything with the church of Crete was just right. In the first portion of the epistle Paul wanted to make sure that the leaders, the teaching and all relationships were just right. Paul’s intentional call to righteous living is a message that is often repeated in the Bible. Many times the response to a call for godly living is two-fold. Some hear it as a self-righteous challenge to strive for yet never achieve. Others see it as futile effort and do the exact opposite. This is why Paul followed up these exhortations with the biblical concept of grace. By God’s grace, you can live a life that is righteous. By God’s grace you should live a life that is godly. Titus 2:11-14 reminds us that we all need God’s Grace.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Jul 12, 2015
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Speaker: Will Galkin - We all stumble, struggle and sin. Yet, many times our hardened hearts do not look to God for mercy and grace. Some of us out of pride try to convince ourselves and others that our deeds of self righteousness outweigh our shortcomings. Some of us out of fear cover our sin and hope that others forget about it even though we cannot. Some of us motivated out of laziness leave it unresolved for all to see. All of these responses are failing to see what God wants. He does not want us to cover it up or merely conform. He desires that we would find forgiveness with Him. What he delights in is a broken and contrite heart. Brokenness can be defined as the shattering of my will so that my every action and reaction is controlled by the Spirit of God. This morning we will look to 2 Samuel 11-12 and see The Need for a Broken Heart. Then in Psalm 51 we will see the Prayer of a Broken Heart. May God help all of His people have hearts that are broken and contrite.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Jun 14, 2015
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Speaker: Will Galkin - Stop looking down at your screen. Pull your thumbs off your device. Take a breath and look at the sky. Position yourself in such a way to look at the Wasatch. Can you see any snow? Notice how it is still green from all the extra moisture this spring. Are you thankful for the blueness of the sky? Keep watching it until the sun sets. Wow! Look at the way the orange and the red ricochet between the clouds. Check out the deep purple flowing from the mountains. God has made himself known to man through His creation and the supernatural revelation of the Scriptures. Yet, many times we fail to notice the glory of God all around us. God's people are to respond in humbleness to the vast revelation of God. Therefore, you should consider the following from Psalm 19: 1) The glory of God as revealed in creation. 2) The value and benefits of God’s revelation in the Word. 3) Your response to the Revelation of God.
Open House
Sun, Sep 21, 2014
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Speaker: Will Galkin - Paul the apostle told us in Romans 1:16 that he was not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. He goes on to tell us that in the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed. Righteousness is the quality of being morally right and without sin. Only God is perfectly righteous. God did not earn this righteousness. God is righteous. Mankind in contrast is not righteous and therefore does not enter this world with a right relationship with God. Our lack of righteousness is demonstrated by our sinful thoughts, motives, and actions. Because of our unrighteousness, we deserve the judgment of God. Many people think that they can avoid the judgement of God by keeping the law. Yet, the law cannot cover our sin it only reveals it. Thankfully, God in His mercy sent His son Jesus to be the covering of our sin. Sinner can be declared righteous by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Therefore, when God's righteousness is seen by unrighteous sinners their response ought to be one of humble submission toward God and faith in Jesus Christ. Upon conversion God gives the sinner His righteousness so that this new saint can enjoy a right relationship with his Creator.