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    June 25, 2017
    John - That You May Believe Scripture:
    John 1:9-13
    Speaker: Lukus Counterman - The Word of God incarnate is the light of the world. He is the true light who shines on all mankind and the question is, how will people respond. Irreligious may refuse to recognize him becau...

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Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Jul 12, 2015
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55 mins 14 secs
Speaker: Will Galkin - We all stumble, struggle and sin. Yet, many times our hardened hearts do not look to God for mercy and grace. Some of us out of pride try to convince ourselves and others that our deeds of self righteousness outweigh our shortcomings. Some of us out of fear cover our sin and hope that others forget about it even though we cannot. Some of us motivated out of laziness leave it unresolved for all to see. All of these responses are failing to see what God wants. He does not want us to cover it up or merely conform. He desires that we would find forgiveness with Him. What he delights in is a broken and contrite heart. Brokenness can be defined as the shattering of my will so that my every action and reaction is controlled by the Spirit of God. This morning we will look to 2 Samuel 11-12 and see The Need for a Broken Heart. Then in Psalm 51 we will see the Prayer of a Broken Heart. May God help all of His people have hearts that are broken and contrite.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Jul 05, 2015
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55 mins 6 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - Psalm 23 is easily the most famous and most familiar chapter in the Psalms. If the average American knows anything about the Bible, he or she probably knows the opening line, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Depth and strength underlie the simplicity of this ancient song. Its peace is not escape. Its contentment is not complacency. There is a readiness to face deep darkness and imminent attack because of the presence of the Lord. Psalm 23 gives us words of faith to speak out loud in times of difficulty. It points us toward trust in God. May the Lord help us this morning as weak sheep and weary travelers, to find all that we need in God – our kind shepherd and gracious host.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Jun 28, 2015
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49 mins 47 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - The historic theologian Matthew Henry reflected on Psalm 121 and said, “Wherever we are, at home or abroad, we are exposed to danger more than we are aware of; and this psalm directs and encourages us to repose ourselves and our confidence in God, and by faith to put ourselves under his protection and commit ourselves to his care.” May the Lord help us to look to him and rest in him as our source of real help as we travel this treacherous pilgrimage called life.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Jun 21, 2015
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46 mins 16 secs
Speaker: Jon Kopp - What is your story? Where did you come from? We all have different answers to that question. But, the question we must consider this morning is, what story are we telling? That’s exactly what Asaph is going to address today in Psalm 78. That’s at the center of this Psalm. Psalm 78 is unique. It isn’t necessarily directed at God. It is actually directed to a group of people. It is a history that was to be recited and reviewed liturgically. It would have been read at festivals to remember who God is and what He is like, and that was on purpose. You see, this Psalm isn’t random. The history it tells is not given merely to record the past, but to change people for the future. This story was being told and remembered for a purpose. And that’s our big idea this morning. If you could pass one thing on to the next generation, what would it be? Asaph is going to tell us that there is a story that needs to be told, and it is important to get it right so that it gets passed on.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Jun 14, 2015
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39 mins 23 secs
Speaker: Will Galkin - Stop looking down at your screen. Pull your thumbs off your device. Take a breath and look at the sky. Position yourself in such a way to look at the Wasatch. Can you see any snow? Notice how it is still green from all the extra moisture this spring. Are you thankful for the blueness of the sky? Keep watching it until the sun sets. Wow! Look at the way the orange and the red ricochet between the clouds. Check out the deep purple flowing from the mountains. God has made himself known to man through His creation and the supernatural revelation of the Scriptures. Yet, many times we fail to notice the glory of God all around us. God's people are to respond in humbleness to the vast revelation of God. Therefore, you should consider the following from Psalm 19: 1) The glory of God as revealed in creation. 2) The value and benefits of God’s revelation in the Word. 3) Your response to the Revelation of God.
Gospel Rooted Living
Sun, Jun 07, 2015
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44 mins 31 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - Paul gloried in the cross because Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is the source of his and every believer’s righteousness and acceptance before God. The cross brought an end to the hopeless frustration of pursuing God through works. In the cross, we discover that God “made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2Cor. 5:21). Christians honor and even boast in the cross because Christ’s sacrifice there provided redemption and eternal life, making it the supreme symbol of the gospel. To truly know the meaning of the cross, you must first know the One who died there. May God help us to see, receive, and praise the Savior who was crucified for us.
Gospel Rooted Living
Sun, May 31, 2015
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47 mins 7 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - We reap what we sow. If we are faithful and conscientious in our sowing, then we can confidently expect a good harvest. On the other hand, Job tells us that if we plough evil and sow trouble, we’ll reap it (Job. 4:8). In the closing section of Galatians, Paul has a few final admonitions. At first glance they appear to be very loosely connected or perhaps even disconnected. But the link that ties them together is the great principle of sowing and reaping. It is a principle of order and consistency written into all of life. May the Lord help us to sow in the field of the Spirit and thereby reap life through him. May the Lord help us receive his truth and live accordingly as we examine Galatians 6:6-10.
Supernatural Living for Natural People
Sun, May 24, 2015
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52 mins 42 secs
Speaker: Pastor Jon Kopp - We live in a world dominated by fear. Fear is natural to every one of us. Noone has to learn to be afraid. Everyone of us was afraid before there was any logical reason for it. But, God doesn’t want us to live that way. In fact, he offers a solution for fear. And it isn’t a cold formula. It isn’t us toughening up and gritting through life. It doesn’t involve hiding who we really are or pretending to be something we aren’t. It is actually found in knowing a very basic truth. God’s solution to fear is a Father. And that Father is Himself. He is so concerned that we know that He is our caring Father, He has made it the Holy Spirit’s job to help us experience that truth in our souls. The path then to fully experiencing life as a child of God is found in following the Spirit.
Gospel Growth: Missions
Sun, May 24, 2015
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39 mins 42 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman
Gospel Rooted Living
Sun, May 17, 2015
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43 mins 50 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - The first and great evidence of our walking by the Spirit or being filled with the Spirit is not some private mystical experience of our own, but our practical relationships of love with other people. Since the first fruit of the Spirit is love, this is only logical. But it is easy to talk about “love” in an abstract and general way; it is much harder to get down to concrete, particular situations in which we actually demonstrate our love for one another. Paul takes time in Galatians 5:25-6:5 to see the practical out-workings of love for those who are walking by the Spirit. May the Lord help us to love not in word or tongue, but in deed and truth by the power of his Spirit.