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    August 20, 2017
    John - That You May Believe Scripture:
    John 3:22-36
    Speaker: Lukus Counterman - John the Baptist makes his final appearance in the Gospel and utters his most significant exhortation to his followers regarding the person of Jesus. He is the Son of God who must increase. Jo...

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Standalone Messages
Sun, Oct 18, 2015
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50 mins 41 secs
Speaker: Jonathan Albright - Continuous access and warm intimacy with God is sometimes difficult to maintain. Times of spiritual dryness, "busyness" and adversity may capture our attention and rob us of regular meeting times with God. Psalm 84 reflects a time of spiritual dryness common to many believers experientially and to Israel historically. This psalmist laments his forced and prolonged separation from God (likely during the Babylonian exile), which has robbed him of the appointed duties, freedom of access and the warm intimacy he once enjoyed. In this Psalm, we trace his spiritual journey back to a place where he once again yearns to worship with God’s people, depend on God’s strength and trust in God’s provision. May the Lord help us to examine and orient our hearts toward him this morning.
Supernatural Living for Natural People
Sun, Oct 11, 2015
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53 mins 24 secs
Speaker: Jon Kopp - So far in Romans 8, Paul has been laying out what it means to be a child of God, and it is incredible. God gives wonderful things to those He loves in Christ. Romans 8 is good news! It is good news for the guilty and failing. In Christ, they are safe and strong. It is good news for the defeated. Victory is guaranteed in the Spirit. It is good news for the fearful. God is our loving Father. These are amazing truths! But, in all of those truths we are never removed from the reality of life in a fallen world. Life on this earth is full of hardship and pain and suffering. None of us escape it anymore than our Savior did. “If [we are God’s] children, then [we are] heirs—heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him.” Yes, everyone on this earth will suffer, but for the Christian that suffering is not the end. The best is yet to come.
Standalone Messages
Sun, Oct 04, 2015
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45 mins 20 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - Due to technical difficulties, sermon audio is not available. Please click here to download a manuscript of Sunday's Message. The Apostle Paul had embarked on his long-anticipated return to Jerusalem. Several decades had passed since his leaving, and he wanted to be back for Pentecost. He was a passenger on a merchant ship slowly making its way down the Aegean toward the Mediterranean, stopping at various trade cities. As the Lord would have it, the boat stopped in Miletus, which is just 30 miles from Ephesus as the crow flies. The layover was scheduled for several days, so Paul called for the elders from the church of Ephesus. They came to meet Paul, and he delivered some farewell words regarding ministry. In his conversation with the elders, Paul describes the character of Christian ministry, the thoroughness of Christian ministry, and the commitment of Christian ministry. May the Lord use this model of faithful service to encourage and challenge us this morning.
Open House
Sun, Sep 27, 2015
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61 mins 16 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - Why does the church matter? This question is asked by people who have not come to see how much the church matters to Jesus Christ. How can anyone say the church doesn’t matter when they hear that “Christ loved the church and gave himself for it” or hear the very words of Jesus, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”? The truth is many people through the years have simply viewed church wrong. Many people through the years have treated the church wrong. But just because messed up people are in the church, it doesn’t mean that the church is messed up. We need to share Christ’s heart for the church. And we need to look to the Scriptures for Christ’s plan for the church. May the Lord deepen our love and strengthen our conviction concerning the church; it really does matter.
Open House
Sun, Sep 20, 2015
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53 mins 34 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - The gospel is like a multi-faceted diamond. It is precious, radiant, and can be viewed from different angles - each contributing to its brilliance. You can look at the gospel from the angle of substitution, reconciliation, justification, adoption, etc. But this morning we will look at it from the perspective of redemption. What is the good news this morning? It is Christ’s saving work viewed as an act of “buying back” sinners out of their bondage to sin and to Satan through the payment of a ransom. The good news is the story of redemption.
Open House
Sun, Sep 13, 2015
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58 mins 50 secs
Speaker: Will Galkin - The apostle Paul wrote a letter to Titus exhorting him to make sure that everything with the church of Crete was just right. In the first portion of the epistle Paul wanted to make sure that the leaders, the teaching and all relationships were just right. Paul’s intentional call to righteous living is a message that is often repeated in the Bible. Many times the response to a call for godly living is two-fold. Some hear it as a self-righteous challenge to strive for yet never achieve. Others see it as futile effort and do the exact opposite. This is why Paul followed up these exhortations with the biblical concept of grace. By God’s grace, you can live a life that is righteous. By God’s grace you should live a life that is godly. Titus 2:11-14 reminds us that we all need God’s Grace.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Sep 06, 2015
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Speaker: Sam Horn - Psalm 8 is one of the hidden gems of the Hebrew Psalter. In this Psalm, David reflects on one of the most profound questions ever asked of God – “Why is man so important to You?” This psalm presents the amazing reality that we are always on God’s mind and always in his heart! Created in His image, situated at the apex of all of creation, and crowned with God’s own glory and honor – man stands at the pinnacle of all of God’s creative work. Yet in one drastic, willful act of sin all of this was ruined and now all men fall short of God’s glory. Behind this tragic fall stands an ancient enemy bent of rebelling against God, thwarting His purposes, and destroying His creation. But God has an answer – and he delivers that answer through the mouth of infants who by the strength of this answer defeat this ancient enemy both now and forever.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Aug 30, 2015
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49 mins 28 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - The late Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis, once said to his frustrated, impatient daughter “My dear, if you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.” The fact is, life is hard. It is kind of like a miry bog or a pit of quicksand. The harder we struggle against it, the deeper we sink. There is only one hope for people stuck in a pit; it’s the deliverance of God. In Psalm 40, David recounts how God drew him up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog and set his feet on a rock. May the Lord teach us call on him and wait on him when we find ourselves in the pit.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Aug 23, 2015
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42 mins 6 secs
Speaker: Jonathan Albright - In the Christian life, there are difficult circumstances that we will face because of our identity as a Christian. Sooner or later we must come to grips with the reality that if you fly the flag of your faith it is only a matter of time that you will face opposition, slander, and false accusation. In the life of the church and culture today everybody knows that opposition is rising, and animosity towards Christianity is increasing. This is precisely what we are told will happen. The Bible tells us that all those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Let's face it, our quick, natural reflex when we experience opposition for our faith is to respond by throwing our hands up in despair, pointing out who is to blame, retaliating, or becoming easily embittered or angry. But, quick responses don’t necessarily mean right responses. David was skilled at responding to those who were opposing him for his faith. As we examine his life we see a picture of what it looks like to have God-honoring responses in the face of opposition, and when he faces opposition for his faith, the responses that arise from his heart require a work of grace in order to be displayed. As we look at Psalm 17 this morning we are going to learn how to develop a heart that responds properly in the face of opposition.
Summer in the Psalms
Sun, Aug 16, 2015
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58 mins 35 secs
Speaker: Lukus Counterman - In Psalm 42, the life of blessing has been tested in the crucible of experience. As one author aptly put it, the “How are you?” of life is for once answered truthfully: “I feel awful.” The psalmist shares real feelings about real life. The fact is, sometimes the life of faith feels more like a withered landscape in the midst of a drought than like a tree planted by rivers of water bringing forth fruit and prospering. Sometimes grief and wearisome sadness sweep over us like wave upon wave and we feel overwhelmed. So what are we to do when we are struggling with spiritual depression? What can we do when we are distressed or oppressed? What can we do when we are taunted from without and within? The psalmist echoes his advice. We must preach to ourselves and pray to our God.